Grown is an container/web-server, it holds a bunch of extensions for you to use.

To begin, make sure you get the main grown dependency:

$ npm install grown --save

Then write the following script:

// require and create a Grown-container
const Grown = require('grown')();

// create the web-server instance
const server = new Grown();

// append middleware
server.mount(ctx => {
  ctx.res.write(new Date().toISOString());

// starts the web-server

Click ▷ RUN above and then open this link, it will load below.

Save the script as server.js and execute it right away with node server, then open http://localhost:8080 in your browser.


  • The Grown class/function is the main container, it holds the application modules — next you'll learn how to extend it.
  • The server instance holds a minimal web-server implementation compatible with some express-middleware — it's not perfect but it works.
  • The ctx object holds a bare req and res implementations — by extending the container you can plug additional functionality on the web-server.